Our products gained recognition at the Darc Awards!



 One of our projects, the Löhr Center Shopping Center in Koblenz, Germany, took third place in the prestigious Darc Awards competition in the category "The best use of decorative lighting in a retail project".
The luminaires used in this project included the LUNA system in different forms and sizes – from circles with diameters ranging from 80 centimeters to 4 meters, to trapezoidal and triangular forms installed individually and in collective configurations. The luminous surface in most of the luminaires is a fabric designed specifically for the requirements of this investment by our partner - BARRISOL. The entire interior is complemented by decorative chandeliers manufactures in a number of unforgettable forms. Each of them is illuminated from the inside with LEDs.
Take a look at the pictures of the award-winning shopping center.

Löhr Center Koblenz

ECE Projektmanagement & Co. Germany

Interior Design:
ECE Projektmanagement & Co. Germany; Stantec, USA

Lighting Design:
Tobias Link Lichtplanung, ECE Projektmanagement & Co. Germany

Decorative Lighting Suppliers:

Find out more: https://darcawards.com/decorative/lohr-center-koblenz-germany/#