Street lighting modernization – a simple way to save money and ensure safety



In the era of urbanization, the demand for electrical energy consumption is continuously increasing, which is unfortunately associated with a significant increase in CO2 emissions. A considerable portion of this energy is  necessary to power street lighting.
Care for the environment and the safety of residents and all road users was the reason why the authorities of the ecologically-friendly commune of Raciechowice decided to modernize its street lighting.
For this project, we delivered RACER MINI luminaires with 4000K color temperature and different power variants, as well as a wireless street lighting control system – Zlight. These products provide energy savings of as much as 65% and guarantee intuitive and convenient system operation.
The lighting system can be controlled from any mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone. In addition, our solutions allow for the preparation of operation reports, data analysis, and indicate functional errors.