Recessed luminaire
BODY: brass or aluminum
DIFFUSER: matte or transparent protective glass
POWER SUPPLY: electronic power supply system
3xS TECHNOLOGY: save money, save energy, save time
OTHER: power supply units for luminaires with safety class III to be ordered separately
Hardened glass diffuser, matte, ON/OFF version
5326013 OPERA OSLO 42 LED 6300K 150 lm 1W 0.35
5326018 OPERA OSLO 42 LED 6500K 3W 0.35
Transparent hardened glass diffuser, ON/OFF version
5326038 OPERA OSLO 46 LED 6300K 230V 3W 0.35
5326048 OPERA OSLO 46 LED 4000K 40 lm 230V 3W 0.35
5326238 OPERA OSLO 46 LED 3000K 40 lm 230V 3W 0.35

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